I would like to introduce all of those accepted into the RoleModel Software Craftsmanship Academy that begins officially on December 9, 2013. I would ask you to pray for them, if you are so inclined.

We had to turn away some very fine candidates and were helped immensely by our new Programming Skills Assessment (as well as other means) to help figure out who was most prepared for success.

Listed in no particular order:

Eric Ricketts

Eric lives in Cary, NC and is a former Chip Designer for IBM and the father of Bruce Ricketts (the amazing 15 year old who has done some iOS programming for us in the past and, hopefully, the future). Several of us have known Eric for years and, when he decided to make a career switch were excited to give him an invitation to apply to the Academy. I have known Eric to be a godly man of integrity, and a very diligent and intelligent man, who puts his all into anything he ever takes on. I expected him to do well on his assessment, and he far exceeded my expectations. (As a chip designer, he breezed through the logic portion of the assessment). Eric is also a former marine.

I am looking forward to seeing Eric dive into his new chosen career and provide a level of maturity and perspective and set the bar high as to diligence in his studies and application at the Academy. You can learn more about him via Eric's application web site.

Greg Tarsa

Greg also lives in Cary, and was referred to the Academy by a mutual friend. In examining Greg, he has impressed as a likable, mature, and godly man. Greg has a lot of experience as a low-level operating and file system programmer and, after a few years running a franchise business, has decided to retool and begin a new career in a different aspect of the Software Development business.

Greg is a leader who has shown his foundational skills in programming and his desire to do well at whatever he puts his hands to. You can find out more about him via Greg's application web site.

Jeremy Walton

Jeremy has lived in Cary and now south of Fuquay Varina, NC, and heard of the Academy over the past few years via some of his family acquaintances with some of the team at RoleModel. He comes from a fine family and his boss at his former job at Chik-fil-A shared that he was the best worker he had. In the past couple of years, he explored programming through a variety of ways and led a team to win a competition by programming a Lego Mindstorm Robot to outperform other entries.

Jeremy's assessment showed that he had a very good foundation of basic programming skills and we look forward to watching his work ethic contribute to the growth of these skills. You can find out more about him at Jeremy's application web site.

Stephen Petitjean

Stephen heard about the Academy through his mother who moved to Raleigh a few years ago and learned about it on a local homeschool mailing list, called spiceline. Stephen has been living in Lynchburg, VA working as an installer of Security Systems but has previously taken some programming classes and desired to pursue more. We had the pleasure of hosting Stephen for a weekend as he came to meet us, and found him to be a very personable young man with a servant's heart as well as a bright young man capable of figuring out things he has not previously known.

We expect that Stephen will be up for the challenge and are confident that he will be an encourager to the other Academy members. You can find out more about him at Stephen's application web site.

Braxton Plaxco

Braxton currently lives in Arkansas and works on a farm when he is not studying through CollegePlus, from whom he heard about the Academy. He is a very personable guy who has a heart for Israel, programming and much more. One of his references said that he is the finest and brightest young man he knows. His assessment showed that he is a very quick thinker and has a good grasp of programming.

Braxton will most likely set the pace for grasping new concepts quickly and help others who aren't as quick to learn. You can learn more about him and find out about other things he's tinkered with at Braxton's application web site.

Kyle Smith

Kyle currently lives in Northern Illinois and is the son of parents who co-own simplycharlottemason.com. He has been a self-learner for many years and his grasp of what he learned has been proven by some programming projects he has done for others. He heard about us through a variety of means including John Young's parents, as well as RoleModel's first apprentice, Nathaniel Talbott who, along with Matthew Bass - another former RoleModel apprentice - worked to build the software in his parent's business. Both his references for whom he has built software, and his assessment showed that he has a very firm grasp of programming concepts.

Kyle's self-study habits should inspire others in the Academy. You can learn more about him at Kyle's application web site.

Other Applicants

We had originally intended to limit the class to only 4 slots, but the quality of applicant was so astounding, that we decided to add two more slots.

Even so, we turned away some amazing people.

We're thrilled about the quality of these fine people and look forward to having them learn and grow with us as we serve our clients for the glory of God and/or set them on their way in careers with some of our Academy sponsors.